Now is a great time to join as we have groups of beginners ready to start together. New recruits are welcomed to the Club and eased into training during the 4 week basic training period. This is a period that helps build up fitness levels and understanding of the Club etiquette. During the course basic blocks and strikes, kicks and footwork are taught allowing the foundations of the Wing Chun system to be laid and the child gets the opportunity to give the classes a good go before making any commitment. You also get the opportunity to see the classes in action and get to know us a little. We will assess your child to see how they fit into the group and ensure that they are in the best class for there needs before offering them a permanent place at the club.

We break our children's classes down into three age groups that are fundamentally aligned to the child's physical abilities and there maturity. This means that they will always be in a class that will encourage and challenge them to move forward but never feel out of there depth.

To find out more about each age group please click one of the links above:
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