Junior Wing Chun

Children between the ages of 8 to 16 are in a very important stage in their life. With the dream and haunts of being a teenager, which is right around the corner, there are many physical, emotional, social, and intellectual challenges that they all face. With the right developments and positive reinforcement, your child will face their transition as a teenager with an enthusiastic outlook.

Imagine your son or daughter at the top of their class intellectually. We're not talking about a straight "A" student, although that does help, we're talking about a child who is smart enough to make the right decisions; a child who knows how to set and achieve goals; a child who understands the importance of commitment; a child who knows how to persevere through the most difficult challenges; a child who knows when to say "no". Also imagine your child in the middle of a positive social circle who knows how to make and keep friends. Vision your child physically competent, capable of meeting and completing physical challenges. Best image yet, think about how relieving it would feel to see your child day in and day out cope with emotional challenges with a positive outlook.
Do all of those things sound good?

Do they seem possible?

Did you know that by enrolling your child into our Junior Wing Chun Programme, you are reinforcing all of those scenarios through martial arts training?

The programme is an innovative children's martial arts programme that was specifically designed to challenge and develop the skills of a pre-teen. This program targets the characteristics of pre-teens and utilizes those characteristics to help them develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. The best part about their development is that they are learning and growing through martial arts training. Therefore, your child will build dynamic martial arts capabilities while gaining courage and confidence, and they will learn how to think smarter and harder with children their same age. It is the best formula for success!
We will help mold your child into a leader, a thinker, and a character that brings out the best in his or her personality. Martial arts capture children's undivided attention. That is what makes their positive growth and development possible. When a child chooses to participate in an activity that is good for them, they know it and support it. Children like to be their own individual who makes their own decisions. Training in the martial arts quite possibly will be the best decision they make during their adolescence.

How the programme works!
Initially new recruits come along on a 4 week beginner's course.
On completion children are able to participate in regular weekly sessions.
Each week students learn a new technique and skill within their belt status.
Once all the techniques within their belt status are taught and understood the students are able to grade for the next belt within the system.
At the end of every school term the students are assessed and if the required standard has been met are invited to grade to the next level of development.
The programme runs over a four to six year period, on completion the students are fully equipped to move to the Adult Wing Chun Programme.

Within the syllabus they will learn:
  • Traditional material - this includes basic martial art moves, self-defence, and forms. Traditional techniques are the basic punches, kicks and blocks. Self-defence they will learn to protect themselves. They will also master new forms to develop focus, power and concentration - each new form will be more challenging than the one before.
  • Dynamic performance - this portion of the curriculum challenges the student's skills and abilities in a way that increases their performance and intensity of their martial arts education. Out of all of the portions of the curriculum, this portion was meant to excite.
  • Chi sao training - this includes the competitive hand-to-hand application of their martial arts training in a controlled manner. This portion of the training is the most fun for the students, especially as their skills get better.
  • Physical development - it is the most sustainable part of anyone's health to maintain physical fitness. The sooner a child learns the benefits of fitness, the better chance it will stick with them throughout their adulthood.
  • Mental development - a wise martial artist is the best martial artist. When a student understands the importance of morals and values, their confidence and attitude shift to a very positive outlook.
Our 8 to 16yrs Wing Chun programe is divided into two class types to ensure that they get the most appropriate age specific training possible, to book a place on the four week course please select the appropriate age group below:
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