Grading - Sat 24th November 2018

Please ensure that your child arrives to book in at the correct time we are unfortunately unable to grade any students that are late.

Please be aware that ALL participants must be in official club kit and acceptable footwear to be admitted into the examination. This will be inspected when entering the hall prior to the grade.
We cannot allow trainers, school shoes, pink shoes, no sash, no shoes, incorrect jumpers/hoodies into the exam. 
These measures are being put in place to ensure the high standard we expect at grade examinations.

Please find below the grade book in times. All grade colours relate to the sash that your child is taking. Example - if they do not have a grade yet then they are grading for White or if they are currently a Snake and Crane Purple sash they are grading for Blue. Please note that the list is in grade order not time order.

The gradings are being held at the Clements Hall Leisure Centre, Clements Hall Way, Hawkwell, SS5 4LN. 

Snake and Crane Test times:

Attempting White test: 8.15am

Attempting White/Bronze test: 9.30am

Attempting Purple test: 10.45am

Attempting Blue test: 9.30am

Attempting Green test: 10.45am

Attempting Brown test: 8.15am

Attempting Orange test: 10.45am

Attempting Gold Sash test: 10.45am

Junior Test times:

Attempting White sash test: 12.15pm

Attempting White/Yellow sash test: 12.15pm

Attempting Yellow sash test: 1.30pm

Attempting Yellow/Orange sash test: 2.45pm

Attempting Orange sash test: 2.45pm

Attempting Orange/Green sash test: 1.30pm

Attempting Green sash test: 4.00pm

Attempting Green/Blue sash test: 4.00pm

Attempting Blue sash test: 5.15pm

Attempting Blue/Brown sash test: 5.15pm

Attempting Brown sash test: 5,15pm

Attempting Brown/Black sash test: 5.15pm

Attempting Black/Silver sash test: 5.15pm

Attempting Black/Gold sash test: 5.15pm

Attempting Black sash test: 5.15pm

Attempting Black level 1&2 sash test: 5.15pm