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Fees and Home learning update

The MKF online classes are almost ready to go live but we just need to update you as to how you can access it.

We want to support and motivate our members through this unprecedented time and that is why we have created this incredible platform. It really is as close to coming to class as you'll get. It will allow you to continue training towards your next sash at the earliest opportunity on your return. PLUS it will motivate you twice a week, push you twice a week and give you the opportunity to continue to grow.


Members can access the WHOLE platform for just £29:50 per month allowing ALL THE FAMILY to take part. This includes access to EVERY programme available with multiple users (up to 4). This includes adult and child new Wing Chun beginners courses and a groundbreaking method to continue participating and improving through the magic of our top of the range, professional, platform. It has workouts, curriculum, technique and drill sessions plus quizzes and knowledge tests. Child students can even earn certificates and merits along the way. PLUS its a great chance for your family to HAVE A GO ALSO!

So, just ensure your monthly tuition fee is set to £29:50 per month (please amend yourself if your normal monthly fee is more. )

We will send log in details before month end allowing you to access the platform and start your training at home.

See you online for a while then back in class soon.

Sifu Steve

Mkf HQ

Home learning program update

18 hours filming, 10 hours editing and that’s just for the week 1 modules of the new online training platform. Content will start being uploaded from today and the upcoming week. We’ll keep our incredible students motivated, active and hopefully teach their families some new skills also during this awful time.

Thursday teens venue change

Venue change for this Thursdays Teenagers class. The Brentwood county high school has now discontinued all lettings until the resolution of the Coronavirus outbreak. Therefore this Thursdays teenagers class will now be held at the Shenfeild Parish Hall. 60 Hutton Road, CM15 8LB usual start time of 6.30. Thank you Sifu Darren.

Thursday adults venue change

Venue change for this Thursdays Adults class. The Brentwood county high school has now discontinued all lettings until the resolution of the Coronavirus outbreak. Therefore this Thursdays Adults class will now be held at the Shenfield Parish Hall. 60 Hutton Road, CM15 8LB usual start time of 8.00 although the hall will be available for warm up from 7.30. Thank you Sifu Darren.

Classes transferred to online learning after Friday 20th March

Corona Virus Update – In response to the coronavirus outbreak the halls that we use to run the classes are beginning to close. I have managed to secure halls for the remainder of this week but it is unlikely that I will now be able to do so moving into next week and looking forwards as the remaining halls are no longer taking new bookings. With the well-being of my students at the forefront of my thoughts and then the situation with the halls I have now taken the decision to suspend all physical classes after this Friday 20th March. The new home learning ‘Get up and Go’ system will bridge the gap for us all in our training from the 01st April and if followed and completed will keep all students on tack for the next grading. Sifu Darren.

Get up and go facebook release

We await confirmation from the local authority regarding possible school closure guidelines and will follow their lead. We will remain open until advised differently and will ensure as always the highest standards are upheld.
We’ve got you covered whatever the outcome!

THE ALL NEW MKF Online home learning platform will be available for active MKF students from April 1st. This professionally built platform will keep our students focused, motivated and help drive them through the challenging times ahead. It will ensure Wing Chun skills are kept razor sharp and standards are upheld for when normal training can resume. Kids can even earn “student of the week” certificates as they progress through the modules.
It’s absolutely brilliant, even if we say so ourselves! You are going to LOVE IT!
The kids programmes are fun and challenging and the adult ones highly informative and demanding. Programmes are delivered via interactive training modules guiding students through various techniques, drills, curriculum and concepts. There are 8 different modules each month for students to work through encouraging 2 training sessions each week.
So, If you can’t get to class ... we will ensure our lessons get to you via your devices. How cool is that?

So what happens next?
1-Active MKF students will be sent log in details by the month end.
2-Students register online and then gain access to all programmes from their devices.
3-The online platform will then work as a replacement for regular class training during this challenging time for all.

We always try to set the highest standards and continue to strive for excellence in service. Hope you like what we are doing😀
PS: What a great opportunity to involve your siblings, parents and children and give them a chance to train at home with you also.
# familytime

Sifu Darren

Communications previous to 18th March

Coronavirus update – all classes are currently due to continue running until further notice. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. In response to the coronavirus we have taken the following additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous.

All equipment is now cleaned with anti-bacterial detergent before the start of each days training.

We have suspended the use of shared focus pads by our students.

We are asking you to support us in ensuring that all students wash their hands before entering the training area and immediately after leaving.

If you or your child have any symptoms, please do not attend class and follow the national guidelines for quarantine.

Our main priority is for the wellbeing of all our students whist we are supporting the National Effort.

Thank you Sifu Darren

Grading Presentations – as you will already be aware the grading presentations will take place this week within normal classes. All students that entered for the grading and successfully completed the mock gradings last week will be awarded their sashes. Please be aware that the presentation will take up most of the class time for this week. All students are welcome to attend but if your child is not due to collect a sash and would rather make up a class at another time they are more than welcome to do so. In line with current recommendations regarding Coronavirus we will unfortunately not be inviting parents into the classes to view the presentations. Thank you for your understanding Sifu Darren.