adult wing chun

We teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, one of the most complete and therefore effective fighting systems known. Initially new recruits come along on a 4 week beginner's course.

Within the 4 week course recruits will learn:
·         Basic blocks and strikes within the system
·         Entry level kicks
·         Introduction to Sil Nim Tao (the first form)
·         Quick release techniques
·         Basic etiquette, terminology and history
Recruits are not thrown in the deep end: far from it. Beginners are taught separately from the main class group for the first 30mins of the session in a very small and personal group. This 30 minute session covers the techinques that will be taught in the main beginners class that evening for the following hour. Everyone is in the same boat together as we find this is the very best way to be introduced to training.
On completion of the course recruits are integrated into the main group body and can attend regular weekly sessions of their choice. Each week the students learn a new technique and skill within their belt status. Once all the techniques within their belt status are taught and understood the students are able to grade for the next belt within the system.

Learn to defend yourself: Get fit: Get Focused and Start the journey of discovery that is martial arts.
Martial arts offer exciting and dynamic training for the mind, body and spirit. Staying with a workout is what most everyone finds so tough, particularly without a coach or trainer. Meridian Kung Fu offers our adult students a dynamic step-by-step workout coached by a professional instructor at every class you attend.

Physical Conditioning
Each session includes all primary aspects of physical conditioning - Strength Development, Cardiopulmonary Conditioning and Flexibility Training. Consistent with the unique history and practice of the martial arts, our core curriculum includes high-energy drills designed to build and hone self-control and self-discipline. Through positive coaching we instil confidence and develop skills in personal development, manners and protocol as well as building your personal knowledge in maintaining your personal health and fitness.

Further development
Once you reach intermediate level you will be offered the opportunity to participate in our 4 year Black Belt Programme. This programme teaches the weapons of Wing Chun, the Wooden Dummy and Chi Kung.

Places must be pre-booked
All places must be pre-booked and paid for on this site, just simply select the date you would like to start and click the buy now icon. Please note that course fees are non refundable, however if you are unable to make the course we will ensure that you are priority booked onto the next available course that you can attend. You will also be given the opportunity to make up any sessions that you are unable to attend during the four weeks.

What to wear
Clothing: Loose and comfortable top and full length trousers. Non marking shoes.

After Booking
After completing your booking you will receive a confirmation text to your mobile number giving you your full starting details, postcode and directions if necessary.
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